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Top 6 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Going green on the day for something blue shouldn't be stressful. Here are our top 6 ways to make your wedding chic and eco-friendly.

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Eco-friendliness has become a standard in today's business. Technology has made sustainability simple. I always make sure to provide biodegradable or reusable materials to reduce our carbon footprint. Cultivating and maintaining sustainable practices was very important to me.

As we go through wedding season, many couples expressed a reason we became their choice was because we are a green company, and of course our stunning free flowing grazing tables are delicious show stopping treat for their guests. Going green doesn't mean you sacrifice sophistication or luxury, from our palm leaf plates to the adorable stainless steel reusable mini cheese knives. Even the tables we have for hire are made from a biodegradable bamboo. Being eco-frienldy is easy it just has to be a conscious effort to make.

Planning an earth-loving celebration lets you party guilt free. Here are a list of simple and easy ways on how to do so.

Simple and easy Ideas to be Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Rings

1. Ethical Rings

-go for an antique rings

-use dealer who does ethical sourcing for materials

2. Potted Plants

-or at least recycle your weddings flowers

-use blooms that will last long after wedding day

-Choose locally grown florals, not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but locally grown florals will be fresher and more vibrant on the big day.

3. Use Items that can Do Double Duty

-Place cards that double as centerpieces

-Invitations that are your favorite floral seed packets

Eco-Friendly/ Sustainable Wedding Venue
Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

4.Sustainable Venue

-choose a venue that is dedicated to sustainability as you are

-celebrate outdoors, summer is the perfect time to go green for your wedding. You will save money on power and electricity costs.

-choose a venue thats beauty alone requires less to no extra decor. Save on flowers and foliage

-a place that donates their leftovers

-Set up a disposable system that includes recycling containers for cans and bottles and a compost bin for biodegradable substances, fruits, vegetables, and plants

5. Recycled Paper

-menus, invitations, table placements, programs chose the recycled option

6. Shuttle Guests

-providing after-party transportation for guests by using a bus, van, or trolley is a safer choice but also decreases the number of vehicles (fuel)

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