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Top 5 Styling Tips For an Epic Grazing Table

Summer is upon us, spending hours indoors over a hot stove isn't going to do. Grazing tables are a fun and creative interactive way to dine. Perfect pop of color and spark literally an edible work of art that will turn heads. Invite some gal pals over, make sure the rosé is overflowing, and use this series of styling tips for an epic grazing table that will elevate your get-together to an unforgettable social soiree.

Epic Long Grazing Table Wedding Capri Italy

1. Keep things Fresh

-sourcing local fresh produce is of the upmost importance

-using seasonal produce helps make every grazing table special

2. Flower Power

-florals add that extra touch that takes your board from average to luxe

3. Variety is Key

-this may be obvious but make sure you have various versions of everything: cheeses, charcuterie (meats), sweets ( candies, chocolates, etc...), fruits, dips, and so on.

-the variations not only is great for your guest to have options, but is visually more appealing

4. Let it Flow

-bring it all together, don't worry if things touch it gives the feeling of over abundance and luxury

*Extra Note*

-Mix and match flavor combinations, sweet and savory, smooth and crunchy. For example place sweet honey, salty and crunchy walnut, and a crumbly smooth Danish Blue Cheese

5. Call a Friend

-invite your girlies over and relax

-not sure what wine to pair? You can never go wrong with some bubbles, ever in doubt just choose a Rosé

-Now enjoy yourself, grazing tables should be fun and take the pressure off of stuffy dining

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