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Grazing Tables

*Vegan and Gluten Free Options Available Upon Request*

Lilac Graze

This 3 foot graze, is the smallest of our options. Large enough to avoid waste, but big enough for a show-stopping impact. Perfect for gatherings without a full kitchen. This is the ladies top pick for a Bachelorette party, best ingredient for a good time!

25-30 guests


Rose Graze

The 6 foot graze, is the #1 choice out of our grazing options. The way to go when you want to make a statement. All grazing tables include gorgeous floral decor to go along with the free flowing delicious treats. We love to bring people together and only use locally sourced produce and small batch cheeses.

40-60 Guests


Dahlia Graze

We started at 3 and arrive at the never ending 9 foot graze. A free flowing array of sweet and savory delectables. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, or any large gathering this knocks any ordinary buffet out of the park. We can cater to any dietary requirement whether vegan or gluten free.

100 Guests